Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Teach 1st Conference & Blog Hoppin' Scavenger Hunt

I'm alive!!!  
I know it might be hard to believe since this blog has been untouched since January. I had every intention to blog several times over the past six months {, did I really let that much time go by???}, but life, and all of its demands, kept getting in the way.  I really have 
right now because I am on summer break 
(which sadly, seems to be slipping away too quickly!)

I didn't completely abandon the social media world, however, since last January.  I focused on making instagram a regular part of my routine.  Can I just say, I {LOVE} instagram! Some might even say that I have a slight addiction... obsession...problem. When I started posting on instagram, I was ecstatic when I reached 50 followers.  I can't believe that in about 5 months, I have gone from 50 followers to this...

Have you all heard about the instagram scavenger hunt going on at Blog Hoppin'?  If you haven't, you can find information about it here.  I'm blowing up my instagram feed trying to post pictures of all the items and I'm only a little over halfway done.  I'm having a blast doing it but I think my friends and family will be glad when I'm done!  Two of my friends/coworkers helped me out by posing for pictures while we were at the I Teach 1st conference in Vegas.

I even got some help from some random strangers...

Now for the most exciting news - I just got back from the 
I Teach 1st conference!!!!!!!!!!!
 This was my first time and let me tell you... it was FANTASTIC!!!
The keynote speaker was Marc Brown.  
He's wonderful and I love him. I may or may not have acted like a crazy person 
in order to get a picture with him.

The presentations that I attended were so inspiring and helpful, and I am even more obsessed with following their blogs than I was before (who knew this was possible!)
Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade
Diane Schmelzer (along with Kelly Bumgardner) from Made for 1st Grade
Erica Bohrer from Erica's Ed-ventures
Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump's Class
Kim Adsit from the Kinder Gals
Rachelle Smith from What the Teacher Wants
Erin Klein from Kleinspiration
While in Las Vegas, I also attended the blogger/teacher meet-up, but I don't quite feel like a "real" blogger yet so I didn't feel comfortable introducing myself or my blog to the many wonderful bloggers that were in attendance.  Instead, I stood off to the side with my coworkers and we tried to identify as many bloggers as we could.  Here we are...
(You might recognize one of my coworkers...I teach with Heidi from Heidi Songs!)

I hope all of the awesomeness that surrounded me in Vegas has rubbed off a little bit on me so that I will be able to make blogging a regular part of my life.  
Now it is time for me to get caught up on the Bachelorette and Big Brother episodes that I missed while I was gone.


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